Advice of Chagas disease? Can you try some cure of any kind or imrove your conditions ?

I get it when i was a child
Know a have rigth Bundle branch block,
can I try some cure of any kind, or improve my condition with vitamines, or loss weigth or exercise every day, or .........
Help, im worry for my kids.
And yes i went to my doctor and he tell te to have a check every year,
but I want to try a little hard....

Chagas Disease is a parasitic infection caused by the organism Trypanosoma Cruzi and is caused by the bite of an infected sandfly or other vector. It causes cardiomyopathy and intestinal dilatation. 27% of its victim develop a type of cardiomyopathy. It also has a chronic stage that can manifest itself 10-20 years later. so I would be sure that you've been properly treated and not just because you have no signs of infection.

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