Blood pressure?

was light headed today went to doc blood pressure was 160 over 90 im only 24! way to high then checked it a few hrs later went to 140 over 81 if blood pressure drops does that mean it coudnt be my heart for sure??

The 2nd lower reading is still high blood pressure. High blood pressure can create he symptom of lightheadedness. Did the doctor do an EKG, tell you to keep track of it for a week and come back, or say he or she would see you in 6 months? Or something else entirely? High blood pressure isn't necessarily indicative of heart problems. My father has been medicated for high blood pressure since the age of 19, and he is 66 now. He has no other problems to this day. If the doctor didn't send you for additional testing, or put you on medication, then he or she isn't concerned about it at this point. If your BP continues to be over 130/80, I would certainly call back and tell the doctor if he asked you to or not.

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