Am I allergic to preservatives of some big-hearted?

I have notice that when I eat things next to a high sodium content, the subsequent day I be aware of terrible. Could it be greatly of sodium that makes me grain bad? Or do a big sodium content in food and a glorious presence of other preservatives go mitt in foot? Symptoms are usually headache, nausea, dizziness, and stiffness of the joints.

Do your ankles swell? You may be saline sensitive and should try to avoid it as much as you can. MSG is another flavor enhancer that causes problems, but at hand are so many BHT and other chemicals contained by processed food that it is hard to avoid them.

If you could try to dance with adjectives natural food lacking preservatives and added salt for a week or two that would backing determine your sensitivity or visit a doctor.
Sodium cause dehydration. Dehydration can cause adjectives of the symptoms you have be having. There is a possibility that these foods are elevated in preservatives as okay. I would suggest not having these foods or trying them within moderation.
We're all allergic to the trans fat. They irritate our artery lining and brings on heart disease. That be the major point in my diet I did wrong, be snacks with transfats, and my arteries are a disaster.
own to ever been tested for an allergy to wheat/ gluten... its surrounded by alot of perservitives and causes some of those symptoms

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