Ahm newly for fun.. :-)?

how to improve a euphatorium cannabium/perfoliatum tincture against something close to a harmles but resistant flu virus.. ? any good thinking? my problem with this herb is - my gum get injured if i eat it and i other get something close to a fungus infection in my mouth... does anybody know how to avoid this? i can t exactly say aloud if it is on the herb or if it is the result of the herb in my mouth....? the fungus usually disapears after one or two days again. .

try chopping and using the brownie mix for the herb that route it gets baked - an oral swish and swallow anti fungal should transport care of the infection. I deliberate there is one OTC immediately ask your pharmacist.
you're supposed to smoke it , not swill it around in your mouth.
You'd own to find out what the infection in your mouth is and if it's an infection at adjectives. Oral fungal infections (thrush) don't clear up in one or two days. I know of no impressive OTC for thrush but it wouldn't hurt to ask a pharmacist.

It's eupatorium cannabium (St. John's herb, Hemp Agrimony, Holy Rope, Sweet-smelling Trefoil, Water Maudlin). Sorry, can't help you here.

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