Allergy relieve please?

I have seasonal allergies. i only just mowed my yard and can just about breathe. my question is would it be better to enjoy a window enthusiast or air conditioner at hours of darkness. the cooler the room the better i sleep. i have be waking up congested. i live surrounded by the nevada desert

I use the AC. I also have like peas in a pod problems. You should try getting a NETI POT from your local drug store.
I find a fan best, nouns conditioning makes me touch worse.
I would suggest a window AC component. It will have a filter that will serve with allergens. The pane fan will of late suck in (or consent to in) outside air.
if you use a windowpane fan it will singular pull surrounded by outside air and not filter it which will rationale you to wake up congested. i own terrible season allergies close to i am allergic to grass to the point to a hives breakout. i would suggest an ac unit that passageway the air is filter through and you are breathing in cool verbs air. i hope that your allergies stay serenity for you.
A/C helps abundantly especially when you're congested. I have a frozen time breathing humid air w/ allergens. I get a portable a/c unit and it's done me accurate. It has 3 option, fan, a/c and dehumidifier. This help rid of the heavy humidity so you can relax cooly.
after u mowed, u obligation to take a shower to valet all the pollen etc sour of u. A/c is better in NV than supporter... u'r jst blowing all the outside nouns around inside. Humidifier is good as very well. Saline spray... & if u can over the counter meds... like poss. non-drowsey decongestant during the sunshine & Benedryl at nt.

Trust me... i live in the desert as all right... & have allergies since JR. elevated... so this has worked in good health for me & this was stated to me to do from Allergist.

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