Agree/disagree: If I hold a cold on Tuesday, it's NOT necessarily because someone sneezed close me on Monday?

It's not likely to own a cold Tuesday that you caught from someone on Monday. Colds are caused by a virus and own an several day incubation time before they incentive symptoms.

From the time a cold virus enters the snout, it takes 8-12 hours for the viral reproductive cycle to be completed and for exotic cold virus to be released in nasal secretion. This interval is called the incubation extent.

Cold symptoms can begin shortly after virus is first produced contained by the nose (10-12 hours). The time from the commencement of the infection to the peak of symptoms is typically 36-72 hours.
Agree, you could hold touched a door handle after someone who have a cold touched it.
no it's not, it could have be from just something like anywhere ... incl the one that sneezed near you ...
Agree. Please see the doctor.
It depends on so lots factors. Is your immune system down? Did the being who sneezed have a cold? Was the creature in close proximity to you? I voice its a 50/50 chance. We don't enjoy enough information.
no hear the saying nearly colds ..3 days coming .3 days here and 3 days is however possible that you are allergic to the perfume you wear.. I find that a certain current perfume make me sneeze ..and I individual have to shut in a whiff of it..I don't know what it's call..But I notice profoundly of people sneeze as economically ..
i also give 50/50 for this request for information

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