Worried more or less cause of low white blood count.?

I had a doomed to failure fall and bruised the side of my facade pretty bad and be in the hospital running exam. When I was admit my white count was ordinary 7.7. In a day it dropped to 3.4. The subsequent day it dropped to 3.1. I am to dance for follow up in 2 weeks. In the denote time I'm a nervous wreck. Any words of encouragement. My grandmother died of acute Leukemia.

There are lots of cause of a low white count, including infection and medication. The fact that you have a normal white cell count initially, which afterwards fell suggests that it is something acute.

I think that the most feasible explanation is that you contracted a viral illness, which precipitated the jump down and then lowered your white cell count. Another explanation is that you be started on some medication in hospital which cause your white cell count to fall.

Leukemia can incentive a low white cell count by invading your bone marrow and destroying it. However, it would also cause anaemia and a low platelet count. Leukemia in general presents with phenomenal white cells. Either of these would hold been picked up contained by hospital before mortal discharged.

If the hospital doctors were worried that it be leukemia or something equally serious, they would have investigated you further prior to your discharge. They are recall you in a few weeks basically to be thorough and to ensure that your white cell count has returned to middle-of-the-road.
eat as much fresh fruit and veg as possible. dispense your body respect. my friend had breast cancer and her count be really low but she has raise it using fresh food.
TLC below 4.0 is low. A low count may be due to a viral infection, or bone marrow depression. Leukemia is less feasible. How much is the hemoglobin and platelet count?

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