A friend near a problem?

I have a friend, and yes its in actuality a friend and not me, who has some grotesque symptons. He's peeing nearly 10 times a day. he have recently have his kidney removed but the doctors say that the kidney hasn't be working for 10 years. Is that normal? to pee 10 times a daylight? i'm just worried for him.

could be diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes can be reduced to three principal factors. In the bag of type 1 diabetes, these symptoms can develop quickly. However, when it comes to type 2 diabetes, symptoms may be far subtler and develop slower.

What are the big three symptoms of diabetes?

The three highest symptoms of diabetes are:
- Polyuria (The need to urinate frequently)
- Polydipsia (Increased thirst and fluid intake)
- Polyphagia (Increased appetite)

What happen when a person develops diabetes and reports these symptoms?

These symptoms are cause by the effect of diabetes on the body. If the level of glucose contained by the blood becomes too lofty, glucose is improperly reabsorbed through the proximal renal tubuli. This results surrounded by higher level of glucose being present surrounded by the urine (glycosuria) and in turn increases the osmotic pressure. This prevents sea being reabsorbed by the kidney, resulting surrounded by greater urine production. This causes the forgiving to urinate frequently. Water held in the cell is required to replace lost blood volume, and this causes dehydration and thirst.
check for diabeties

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