A cross-question roughly speaking rabies?

A domesticated dog my friend owns licked my skin close to a small cut on my arm, It has be one week now. My friend assured me it be vaccined but I'm not taking chances.

My interrogate is, Do I have rabies?

I don't exhibit any Flu similar to symptoms, But I do have cough, And colds. The singular change next to me is the cough and cold. No agitation or fear of marine.

And also, What if, One day, The 2nd type symptoms start to appear, Just only just, Is it still possible to cure me?

You asked this exact same question a week ago. If the dog is vaccinate then you are fine. If you are that worried, ask the owner to see the rabies vaccine warrant so you can put your mind at ease. Go to the website, please. I estimate it will help facility your mind.
If you do all of that and you still get the impression upset or anxious, what you need to do is to step to the doctor's, tell them adjectives about it and receive their opinion, and consequently get some anti-anxiety medication.
In three days if the dog is still alive and very well and not showing any symptoms of rabies, then you are without doubt fine.
Here is the cdc website. Educate yourself and look into that anti-anxiety med suggestion and perhaps have a chat to a therapist going on for this!
Yes, rabies is cure-able, if you catch it soon plenty. If you have the slightest verbs about have it, go to the doctors, and they can check you over. If you do hold it, they just impart you some shots.it's not pleasant, but it's better than dieing.
Is the dog still alive?...If "yes"...you're gonna be fine...
If you answered "no"...start digging a hole!
you have no rabies.. if you get infected you will die within 24-72 hours upon acquire the rabies.. but there are some incidences that intubation term is longer that 24-72 hours

if youre scared, budge to your doctor & get an anti rabies shot.
if the dog have no symptoms of rabies you are probably ok but i believe there is no channel to tell in need killing the dog and trialling its brain. If your friend says the dog have been vaccinate then the vet who did it should hold a record to prove it and relaxation your fears.
consult a doctor and tell him more or less this.rabies is curable.so,don't worry
No, you don't enjoy rabies.
If the dog is alive and well after 10 days, it be not rabid.
It is possible to get rabies through a lick or even a cut into. The virus is excreted in the dog's saliva. Dogs lick their own paw. Anyway, you are safe, so stop worrying.

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