Addict masturbate is discouraging may be or not?

when im child im very nutritious my teachers call upon me im potato like but when i come contained by six standard i start doing masturbating and doing it till i pass 12th i do maximum masturbating 2 times a days when i know that it is doomed to failure for one's health presently im 52 kg i think so it is becoz of mastubating and i also loss the strength becoz of my strength i loss my confidence and feel shy to speech to any girl now i not doing masturbating more later year can i once again able to draw from that strength and health

If you already 'know' what your problem is, after why do you bother to ask us? You formed an opinion base on your culture/religion, so why should we try to dissuade you from it.
That is not a reson that you are losing weight. It doesnt hurt you to masturbate. It is truly very nourishing promoting good cardiovascular strength and decreasing your chance of prostate problems within the future. Your strenght and robustness problems may be associated with something else. Dont verbs.. you can mastubate.. take meticulousness of your health. Take a vitamin.. devour healthier! Whatever may work for you Good Luck

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