Aching limb and sore eyeballs!!?

I've had really tender legs and occasional pins n needles in hand for last week,I in a minute have really sore eyeballs, scratchy to touch upper eyelids.
Im in 30's tired working mum but not overweight. Had ovarian cancer 20yrs ago but zilch normally bothers me. I'm really feeeling knock by this,any advice?

Listen budge to ure doctors and dont delay..Tis best to aim proper advice on this and not rely on peep on here..Be lucky.
Same advise as other in these question. Get down and see your doctor asap. Any other answer will just be guessing
you call for more rest at least 8 hours a sleep a darkness so go to bed in a minute! night hours of darkness sweety IM me for more advise i hold lots! im always shattered x x x
the best push for is check with ur doc, however you should be aware if you drink cut it out for a month or two, best if dont drink at adjectives, ur body can produce the same if better sensations if you are prepared to try.
Increase the amount of good older Natural Water, we are prone to dehydration adults need a min 6-8ltrs of pure able-bodied water, stop alcohol bad (thing) stop smoking (if u do) dont have past due nites.
Water is mother natures elixiar of vivacity.
IT IS A LIVING ENTITY, good characteristic water contains the biggest bond Hydrogen and Oxygen as well as carbons and minerals and adjectives trace elements from within mother Earth which ARE ALSO IN US we should for this reason maintain the be a foil for which most of mankind has forgotten how to do and rely fundamentally on medications and such things, HYDRATION IS VITAL for this ELIXIAR will endow us next to EXTRAORDINARY, ENERGY< VITALITY, and LONGIVITY. try it u will be amazed oh and cut out junk foods. The world is varying extremly fast.
Try the alter YOU WILL BE AMAZED. Good Health

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