Wheat intolerance - what are the symptoms?

i was fine this morning, consequently i had a bowl of Alpen and suddenly my proboscis is streaming, my eyes watering, sneezing, bit wheezey and my face is a bit blotchy. Dont have a sneaking suspicion that its just a cold cos it come on full strength in only 10 minutes

Answers:    You are describing an allergic reaction not an intolerance next to the runny nose, runny eyes etc. My advice it to hang about 3 or 4 days and then try the alpen again a short time ago like this morning. If you capture the same response, you should look at the ingredients, wait another few days and get through something with merely one of the main ingredients surrounded by it and keep doing it until you find out which one you are react to.
Good luck being food detective.
Alpen have loads of stuff in it. You could be react to any of them. Could you narrow it down by keeping a diary of such 'episodes' and note what you've eaten. That would grant you a better picture

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