Al_ju_2000 a request for information roughly Aneurysm?

The heart doctor said I have an Aneurysm on my not here upper heart chamber and he thinks it won't rupture as it is presently, but should be watched, he said he can't be 100% sure of this though minus a test they can do to determine the odds of it rupturing, if I have this audition and it shows it may rupture, he would just put me on Cumitin,to prevent a stroke Would you enjoy the test if it be you? Would you get a 2nd inference? What would you do? He said the surgery to strenghen this Aneurysm is more risky then I am immediately. He gave me no prescription or any thing.,what do you deduce? I got the impression from him that I am more fortunate then someone who have an Aortic Aneurysm,true?I would like answers from others going on for this also. Anyone having familiarity about it.

You are not more fortunate than someone near a AAA. This is serious. If it ruptures you will not survive. You need a second judgment. Small aneurysms are less promising to rupture, but they are easier to repair than larger ones. You need to weigh the risks and benefits of timing the surgery.
I would do doesn`t matter what it took to at LEAST get on coumadin right away. If the clot isn't thinned out you could be surrounded by serious trouble. Get the test. Get a second belief. I don't know why your doc isn't being more proactive.
I'm on my b/f computer however, this is serious not to be taken insubstantially!! get to a Dr for a second inference and i feel you may inevitability meds if you aren't aware? this can take your time and no I'm not trying to scare you as if that be my Dr id cross-examine his judgment. who or how is he to influence or promise you are not in stipulation of serious care? if he think surgery is risky you are having a medical problem. travel see a heart Dr a/s/a/p good vigour 2 you!!!
Well, first I"m not a cardiologist, but an anesthesiologist. That being said, I'll hand over it my best shot.

I can't pass judgement on your condition lacking knowing more clinical information. Your surgeon is definitely right that enlarge heart surgery can be risky. Depending on the size of the aneurysm, they may choose to watch it. I honestly haven't hear of left atrial (upper chamber)aneurysms. If they materialize, they must be somewhat rare. Sometimes the gone ventricle (lower chamber) gets an aneurysm, especially after a heart attack. Or, your moved out atrium might be dilated for a variety of reason (your mitral valve could be tight, chief to increased pressure and dilation on the left side, you could own enlargment from the heart for multiple reasons etc.) The disappeared atrium is a low pressure system, so you don't hear of that rupturing too often, if at adjectives. But, however, left atrial dilation could possibly front to getting a clot, which then could wreak a stroke. That's why they would place you on Coumadin. As far as the test to report to whether something will rupture, I'm not sure what that is. Even for things that are more probable to rupture (like an aortic aneurysm), they just stir by size (the bigger it is, the worse it is) . There is no specific test to check the odds of rupture.

As for a second opinion, all right, I can't say that anything in the region of your doctor's management strikes me as mortal bad up front. But, I don't know you, I don't know your history, and it's possible the exact outlook of your issues were not in good health explained to you. Regardless, if you're not comfortable with your doctor's diagnosis, you should discern free to get a second judgment regardless of what I or anyone else on this board might think.

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