Ulcrative colitis?

hi i am 13 and i have uc (ulcrative colitis) i bugs me because when i progress to my friends i have to try and sneak my pills. its convalescing but i need someone to sermon about it my e-mail is jerseygirl5794@aol.com

i hold Crohn's disease. Why in the world are you sneaking around your friends? If they are your friends, share this word with them. If one of them lost a leg tomorrow or an arm or something - would you support them and be their friend? Of course you would!

I figure out it's embarrassing but pocket charge of it - own your disease. Don't let it own you! Tell them flat out what is it - that it ISN'T contagious - and what happen and how you feel sometimes. I know that anything to do near the intestinal tract isn't a pleasant thing to parley about - but honestly.it can be pretty funny once you get it out within the open.

If they are your friends - this won't thing to them.

When I was 20 or so, I met a younger girl (probably 14) who be severely depressed about her Crohn's. She have to carry Lyson contained by her purse! She was so panicky about her friends finding out. I met up near her and she saw how I interacted with my friends - they know the icky details of my disease and we - at times- joked in the order of it. She saw how they supported me without making me be aware of awkward.

You wouldn't want your friends hiding something like this from you - you'd want to comfort and shoulder some of the burden.

Maybe you can go to a UC website and print out what it is and bestow them all a copy so they can hold it.

Take care, don't be aware of alone and keep your chin up!
Hey my sister have that. She got it at 18 and unloved it. Especially the flare ups. She just died from Cancer roughly a month ago. DOnt be embarassed about the pills, its something you will own to get used to. Hopefully your valise isnt as bad as hers be.
Hey girl - hang surrounded by there. I hold Crohn's and know what you are going through. CCFA.org should have a detail of support groups where you live and they can probably connect you to some teens within your area too. UC and Crohn's suck but you can swot to live pretty normally.

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