How do I achieve rid of spot/acne scar from my subsidise??


Get Clindoxyl , it's a Canadian cream... it's very right for acne problems if you use it with moderation.
idiot query ! ( ask a docter ! duhh ! ( thicko
Ask your doctor, and see if he/ she perscribes anything to you, or you can try medicine and salve, or something to help the scar go away, but i'd ask a doctor first.
loll stir ask at a pharmacy and they will give you some special skin salutary cream:)
There are some (expensive) laser treatments or light treatments that can sustain, or you can do a less expensive, but smaller quantity effective chemical coat. Dont buy creams, etc, they usually dont work. There are some bleaching creams that may help near spots, but not scars.
A few days agl, I looked into Laser treatments locally . Spoke directly to the doctor who uses the laser.
It's three sessions, $400 respectively, for the entire back.
She claims it works.
There are copious home remedies which can help you preventing and treating backbone acne. Major of them are described in this article.

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