A virtuous facewash for spots, pimples zits and blackheads, acne?

In UK a cream or facewash used for those except clearasil?
Have got masses spots on forehead i want to get rid of. Clearasil clearly doesnt appear to work...
Any suggestions.
Could you also tell what nutritions and excersises or things to do to carry ride of them?

Not in the UK but here are a few tips that might lend a hand...

It is all hormonal and in part environmental...

Change your pillowcases weekly...alot of people don't mull over to do this- major breakouts w/ dirty, slimy pillowcases!

Start drinking alot of water...my skin basically glows when I drink alot of hose down

Ditch anything with alot of sugar---carbonated drinks are soo doomed to failure for you period.

Look for a facade wash w/ no scent and soap free...do they market Proactiv in the UK...I own heard great things...

Also, nearby is a homemade mask call an aspirin mask...you can do a poke about on google or maybe here on yahoo for a recipe..I consider it may be just crushed aspirin and hose...very cheap and over the counter...hth
Black Opal is a suitable cleanser
Well I don't know about surrounded by the UK, but in the United States they market Proactiv Solution which I highly recommend, I use it and it works wonders and I only just started using it and almost have clear skin, it may whip about a month to enjoy clear skin though, as for nutrition, drink a lot of hose down and eat fruits and veggies, stay away from greasy foods and caffeinenated drinks, although dermatologists articulate that food and nutrition are often not the chief causes of acne, also I hold heard to stay away from dairy products such as drinking too much milk, as far as exercising go, it is good to enjoy a minimum of exercise in you rota, but make sure you dry-clean your face after exercising to keep hold of from clogging your pores. Hope I helped and GOOD LUCK, def recommend giving Proactiv a try sooner!
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Vanessa B

Let me tell you something not plentiful people know,
When you try to purify the oil bad your wash using soap or
any store brought product what happends is it sucks up alot of the crude oils
out of your skin, and what happends when that occur? your
skin goes into over time trying to reblimish the lost grease
and doubles the amount, your pores open up more to catch more of the oil out and nouns in so agree to me help you

Ah ok very well my mother had indistinguishable problem as you,
and let me inform you what she did to make it stop,
this is a home treatment as expected, the only point
you may need to buy is a lemon if you dont already enjoy some in the fridge,
what you want to do is take some lemon and squeez that
sucker into a tiny bit of honey, and mix that all together, put that
into the nouns where you want treated and keep on 5-10 mins and than wash stale,
the lemon works great as a toner and as we all know toners are
great for tighthing the skin and even better for your pores to look
smaller, the honey help as an evener, it will even out the uneven
skin tone and also sooths the skin,This teachique not merely destorys the pimples you already
have but it also help prevent them from coming up again,Drinking alot of water
every morning also helps alot :) Well I hope this help <3 good luck
-- Love Vanessa

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