A rusty fastener shot from a nailgun into my paw, how soon should I return with a tetanus shot?

I think I have a tetanus shot when i was little, but doubt that's still accurate, but I don't know. I shot my hand today and yes it hurts pretty doomed to failure, but I'm more worried about the rust surrounded by my wound.

If visibly rusty AND old tetanus, afterwards would suggest you do not wait until Wednesday - especially if it feel "hot" - as an infection has already set surrounded by.

your call, but you already know the answer to this - if you dally until Wednesday you take a prospect, possibly one that may result in your human being laid up for a bit.

every seven or eleven years, go go and get your shot.
As soon as possible because you can also get blood poisining.
don't skulk, go to the ER!! you could die from tetanus, and the shot's singular good for 10 years, and even afterwards, you still need it checked out.
i muse you should get a tetanus shot IMMEDIATELY
right away
NOW! Do not skulk!
You should get to the doctor ASAP. It's better to be not dangerous than sorry!
should have done it yesterday.
why continue for wednesday.
get to the doctor in a minute.
NOW a tetanus is good for 5 years next to a dirty cut and 10 years with no cut at adjectives.
ASAP Besides tetanus, you could get an infection that could organize to amputation
get the shot right away....don't lift any chances
Right away . It can be tremendously dangerous and return with infected and get lock chin.
a couple of years ago my brother in law's friend stepped on a rusty pin. He was within his bare foot. The next light of day the infection was already travelling up his leg. He go to the doctor and was put on an IV right away. If he have to wait any longer they told him he would enjoy been inert. The red line be halfway up his leg. I am not trying to upset you but I would go bring it checked out right away. It is always better to be nontoxic.
You should make sure to verbs the wound thoroughly with melt soap and water. You can also use Peroxide afterwards. Then apply some antibiotic lotion. Apply dressing and keep verbs.

Depending on how deep the puncture wound is, you probably involve to be seen ASAP. Deep wounds can affect your muscle and courage tissue and can cause a wicked infection. You DEFINITELY need a tetanus shot. You own up to 72 hours after injury but I would recommend getting it tomorrow!
You can't wait - you should enjoy gone when it happened. Do not deferral - go to the Emergency Room at the nearest Hospital.
i would turn now to trade name sure no infection has time to start growing.

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