.Would I be wrong if I refuse medical treatment of a Muslim doctor?

With the recent incident involving muslim doctors trying to bomb and kill British race I would feel not comfortable beside a muslim doctor treating me. If they feel so much contemp for non muslims who know if they will do there errand proberly. I could have cancer and see a muslim specialist who say I don't only to donosed six months unpunctually when its to late. I don't want to be treated by muslims. Do I enjoy any rights. Even if its only a small persent of muslims trying to slaughter people, its still to plentiful.

I don't know where you are writing from, but contained by America it's called - FREEDOM... and we enjoy the freedom to chose whatever doctor we want and don't want. No body will ask you your reasoning - so what if it's a racist entry!

This is what we are willing to confrontation for, willing to die for. No amount of terrorism will pinch that away - and those who try are only doing it out of resentment!
You would probably be accused of one racist.

EDIT: I don't think your alone contained by this. I think profoundly of people are reaction the same approach.
It's your body and your health and you hold the right to do whatever you choose contained by the care of it. Not wrong at adjectives and don't let any liberals communicate you it is.
Your name is testicles? Funny coincidence that, as you appear to be conversation bollocks!
no you wouldnt. you are entitled to request to be seen by a doctor of your choice, however if he's popular or busy, expect a bit of a hang around (even up to a few days). its not unheard of for patients who refuse treatment from a doctor who's of coloured see, especially some senior citizens who are quite set contained by their beliefs and ways - some of them do request not to be seen by non-white docs - so only just let the clinic staff know your nouns beforehand and they will try to accomodate it.
P.s. I'm not saying what you're doing is right or wrong, of late answering your question of "are you allowed by canon to do this sort of thing?"
Many empire refuse to be treated by a feminine physician and many immature girls will only travel to a female doctor.
While it would not bother me to be treated by a Muslim doctor you should individual go to one you quality comfortable with. You own to feel at contentment with your physician and know how to tell him your problems widely and without reservation.
You shouldn't judge adjectives Muslims as being discouraging based on a few fruitless extremest. Everyone is different. Most of them are peaceful citizens and appalled by what has happen. I don't think adjectives Muslim Doctor want to bomb people. It is your body, if you are discomfited with your Doctor switch Doctors.
you do have right but as to not wanting to be treated by a Muslim that could *** lower than discrimination . if ure within an emergency life nearly dying would u permit a Muslim save Ur vivacity ,the answer is prob yes ! those working in the amalgamated kingdom as doc are not the ones we should verbs about in that in employment surrounded by this country helping very sick individuals of our race ,most doctors NOW within hospitals are not from this country so they contribute well contained by that sector . but as i said u wouldn't refuse within life or extermination situation so why refuse average treatment by them x
If his way of practicing medication is medicine and not incense and needles, why not?
You hold the right to demand another doctor lacking reason and to stay away from any medical treatment. It's very prejudice but it is your prerogative. You necessitate to feel comfortable next to the person providing your medical strictness.
Yes you would be considered a raciest !! But you can see anybody you want!!You have that right! It's still a free Country! I imagine your paranoid !! Not all Muslims are terrorists but beside what has be going on { Bombings} I could see why you would have that thought!! Please don't put adjectives Muslims into the same boat!!
this only shows how miss guided their minds are ...they become a doctor to save lives on the national strength paid for by the relatives who they are trying to murder and all because some ranting idiot cleric brainwashed them.this personality who drove a car into airport building and getting severely burned after having to be treated for his injuries by duplicate people he desires to maim...in attendance is no sense in what these empire do
no i dont think youd be wrong
he is someones doctor and look what he turnt out to be
he couldve slickly been your doctor
i am next to you on this yes it may be only a few extremists working in the nhs but who knows what they are of a mind to do if you needed an injection you wouldnt know what substance he is pumping into you i would deffinantly ask for a non muslim doctor just to be undisruptive
i feel it is such a shame,we live contained by an age when we have to wonder these question.i have have some good muslim doctors within the past you can other get a second assessment it is your right .
i will tell you a story that happen to my friend
i have a Muslim friend who own a sick daughter
so she went to a doctor "he be Jew"
and he told her come nest week
when she when there ... sorry i don't treat Muslims ... what the
why did he debris her time ??

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