Am i run of the mill?

I have a lump on my toe and i hold conversations with it frequently! is that ok? except how should i get comfort...b/c im the only one that seem to understand myself?

okay i hold to admit this is pretty funny to me and also for a moment puzzling... maybe you are only just one of those eccentric society that are perfectly majority, but do or say things that come across a little strange to other citizens... you say that you are the solely one that understands you so... look contained by the mirror and ask yourself. after all the personality looking back at you know you inside and out... lol... i really don't know how to answer a question resembling this in a serious manor a lump on your toe?lol? in recent times curious what kind of conversations do you enjoy with the lump...
in good health if u think its majority than it must be normal. Dont keeping about what other ethnic group think. If you think through what you are doing then its majority to you.
go to your local doctor and ask him. i imply who talks to a bump on their toe? honestly!
Depends on the humour of the lump. If its a callus, corn, or tumor, you should be lancing that sucker, not carrying on a conversation near it. If it's a toe-bone you're perfectly majority.
If you are serious you are completely abnormal. NOW I sermon to myself and even answer myself but having a conversation beside a lump on your toe, does it talk spinal column?
I think you may answer your own grill?

if you have conversations next to the lump on your toe frequently and you seem to be the individual one who understand yourself, why are you asking if it's Ok!?

I know population talk to them selves but i seldom here people answer them selves, discussion to them selves is Normal.

understanding yourself is regular too, the next human being who knows you better after you would be your parents.

I hope this helps... Good luck on your toe, but i ruminate you should see a doctor, I'm sure your toe would ask you to do the same.

Again flawless luck... and hope you feel better soon...

Just me!
No explicitly not normal but i would influence have that lump checked out after consult a councilor to talk to you in the order of talking to body parts perchance you are depressed!

Kate Sheppard
It seems similar to you and this lump are very close. I would ask for his/her guidance on the subject.

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