Allergic recoil to the sun??

When I was little, I other got these horrible rash where I be exposed to the sun (esp. face) My face other swelled up and it was esp. fruitless around my mouth. Not to gross anyone out, but I would have puss coming out and my intact body would be extremely warm. Sometimes, I developed them arbitrarily, like if I get in the coup¨¦ and sat in attendance for literally 2 minutes... I don't get it anymore, but I would really approaching to know what it was. It last for about 2-3 years. I tried sunscreen, but turns out I'm allergic to an ingredient within sunscreen too. Although I don't get these allergic reaction anymore, I'm still allergic to sunscreen. I even went to the dermatologist, but they didn't know what be wrong either...
My grill is: What condition did I have and how can I find out what it is contained by sunscreen that I'm allergic to? (I'd like some agency to protect myself from getting skin cancer or other skin related diseases since I'm very live with outdoor sports.) Anyone enjoy any idea? Thanks...

what you have is called photosensitivity, literally an allergy to the sun. Allergies don't other last your undamaged life, within fact they usually don't. You're body change on a cellular level every seven years, losing aged allergies and sometimes developing new ones.
Photosensitivity can also be cause by a pre-existing skin condition, like ecxema, or as a side effect of trustworthy medications.

My guess on the sunblock is that it's a separate allergy, I would try comparing the ingredients of my sunblock beside that of your regular lotions and see what the differences are. start there.
The most adjectives ingredients in sunblock that folks are allergic to are zinc oxide, paba, and vitamen E (if you have a soy allergy)
try a patch question paper at home with some different sunscreens, I'd start near ones for kids.
You should go to your doctor and get hold of tested for Lupus.

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