A couple of weeks ago I started to consistency a bit bit clumsiness surrounded by my departed arm, it could be harmful?

Y can move it and work with some difficulties, but there's no throbbing in chest. I only just want to know if its a symptom of something worst, or if its just an exercice nouns.

May have have a stroke. Go to a Doctor immediately.
I would see a neurologist. Weakness within an extremity could be symptom of many things i.e. cervical spinal cord compression, multiple sclerosis, etc... Especially, if it tingles or is numb.
This could be nought at all but it could also be a sign that you hold had a small stroke. Think subsidise. Do you remember having a headache the hours of daylight that you started to feel clumsy? Did the clumsiness start adjectives of the sudden? Have you had any recent mirage or speach changes? Have you kith and kin noticed any correct in you self-image? THese are all signs of a stroke
I regard you should really go see the doctor simply to be on the safe side.
I agree. You hold some sort of neurological deficit. You have to own it diagnosed by a doctor. When someone has a stroke near isn't usually any pain. Usually a deficit is noted on one side of the body and not a moment ago the arm. If this is the case you requirement to know so you can take preventive medication to prevent a larger stroke. Sometimes the symptoms are brief and resolve in need leaving any deficit-that is call a TIA, transient ischemic attack. If you did have a stroke it can not be cured at this unpaid time. Any time you have symptoms of a stroke or TIA dance to emergency IMMEDIATELY. They need to do a CT scan and if it is not a bleeding stroke they can dispense clot-busting drugs to cure it. There is only a 3 hour windowpane of opportunity to do this. (Strokes are caused by a clot or rupture surrounded by the blood vessels supplying the brain.) Hopefully your problem is localized to your arm, but you still obligation to see your doctor. (Pain in the disappeared arm, chest, shoulder neck, mouth could be heart related-not clumsiness-that is usually a problem with the nerves any in the brain or the afflicted limb)
A few other things to ask yourself here, did this "clumsiness" initiate suddenly, i.e.: after pitching several innings of baseball, after no exercise at all ?, or did a sudden event fire up the problem, i.e.: moved a heavy box, feel a pain, have trouble since? Or, did you notice for a time problem with coordination, resembling dropping things or knocking things over etc... which have slowly become worse over time?

If the problem began after an event, which you can clearly remember, later it would most likely be due to muscle/nerve injury. If near is no clear reason for the problem, no event if it began suddenly or come about over time, a trip to your doctor's department for a check-up can't hurt, and may prevent a long recovery if in that is a more serious reason cause your difficulties.
The worst thing you can do is close the eyes to any form of unusual change surrounded by your health, and nearby is often a simple treatment or explanation, for oodles of those changes, and for those cases where on earth something more serious IS at the cause of your problem, in that is nothing better than untimely detection! Treat a small problem before it become a big problem.
Good luck!

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