A interview to adjectives smokers.?

You may have notice you are no longer welcome contained by ANY building Joe Public has a right to be contained by. It costs a bomb to smoke lb1250 a year if you only smoke 15 a morning (you could have an extra holiday for that) It is bleak for your health. You are in a minute a social leper if you smoke so my question is. Why dont you freshly quit. Think of all the lolly you would save. You know it make sense. Plus you will be healthier and have a feeling fitter.

i do smoke and DO NOT INTEND to quit
i earn enough money to hold 6 holidays a year plus to smoke 30 a day
you don't support me,so p*** past its sell-by date
i will do whatever i want next to my money and my life
my give somebody the third degree is, why do you care

say who?
bacause, we enjoy it, of late like you savour wearing your mums high heels and knickers.
You say aloud "a question to adjectives smokers?" why the ? mark because explicitly not in itself a request for information.

In fact nearby is no question.

I would fairly be a smoker than be ignorant.

Well aren't you freshly the wise frail man of the woods!

How simplistic is your little mind,? addiction needs professional handling, not intolerant rant from crackpots
I would rather hold twenty smokers walking past my house than 20 drunks.why not prevention the drink...yet to see a smoker gun down someone whilst over the smoking limit.or assault someone because he have smoked too much.there are lots of things the Govt. could rule out...they started with Fox hunting, smoking, next drinking, then anything nice.
I agree, smoking is very gh3y but I still do it
We are not social lepers gratefulness very much, we are a minority group that have been discriminated against and our freedom of choice is man eroded.

As for saving change, I earn enough to not hold to worry more or less lb25 a week.
Smoking is MORE addictive than HEROIN.
Easy for non-smokers to say quit .It's MORE difficult than quitting heroin! Food for thought.Unless you've be there, Don't knock us.There is NO QUICK fix to quitting.
yes you are right what you enunciate.but does this question dance to people who drink alcohol construe how much they would save.
I would prefer to own smokers than drunks wandering around in public places. After adjectives, many smokers are polite smokers and stay away from public places anyway. It's one and only really pubs and clubs!

But I am an ex-smoker and I have quit as my most important smoking area be in the pubs as a social pleasure!
I'm a non-smoker and I think it's purely not that easy to quit. It assume it would be close to being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Having said that though my Mom quit "cold turkey" after oodles years of smoking and soon after she developed all sorts of problems. I contemplate her body was so used to man on nicotine that when she came rotten she got adjectives sorts of problems. I would advise to quit but do it properly. Go through the proper channel.
If they wanna smoke let them, if they stop the goverment will not go and get the extra cash they are getting from the somkers and us none smokers will conclusion up paying the goverment what the smokers do now. In theroy they are paying for their own nhs treatment grounds this money must come from Goverment.

So keep on smoking family !
u were never a smoker...it not that effortless 2 give up.I did but still want a cig everyday and I give up almost 2 years ago
An 'extra' holiday, I like it.
we smoke because we enjoy the choice to smoke. and we like it. a short time ago wait until they impediment alcohol or cars!
This isnt a question, this is a discourse.

I am not a smoker and welcome the prevention since it now funds that I dont have to suffer the smoke of others however I dont be aware of that I have the right to dictate to others how they live their lives when it doesnt affect me.
The administration isn't trying to do you a favour! If we adjectives gave up smoking, where on earth do you think the lost charge revenue burden would fall? On you and the other 66% of citizens who don't smoke! Taxation derived from smoking pays for the NHS three times over. The next point is if we adjectives stopped, a fair percentage would live longer, putting an extra burden on the NHS, as we adjectives become geriatric and infirm, and the cost of providing longer pensions would increase dramatically.

Not as straight forward as you might cogitate is it?

We all know smoking bad to condition. We knew it will injure our families. We know quit smoking can saved us a great deal, a lot of $$$. We know all this but we still doing it.

Yeah, those smokers already addicted to it but can we those non-smokers supplicate them, when they want to com**t su*c*de, can they count us out ?

And please the government authorities, D O N ' T exclude here and there, those smokers enjoy no place to smoke already. Now seem everywhere is their smoking points already.

Let them smoke within the pub, at least !
Looks resembling you have adjectives the excuses you could ever want there!

Ignorance really is bliss...
(A non smoker)
I'm a non-smoker - excuse me, but who the hell are you to lord it over smokers similar to this?! Yes ok, there is smoking exclude in place (for over a year where on earth I am in Scotland) and we adjectives know why - do you think your attitude is achieve anything?

Firstly - smokers ARE welcome contained by any public building, it's just that they can't smoke within. They are still entitled to the same public rights as anyone else, and to beckon them social lepers is a bit much.

Secondly - you ask "why don't you just quit?" Well if it be that easy, perchance they already would have. It's an addiction, which make it very difficult to "newly quit". I'm not a smoker and even I can understand that.

Maybe you should spend your time looking at your own fault before getting on your illustrious horse about other peoples.
mind u'r own business
do you deduce we care?
the senate have made the situation worse. hoof it through any town centre. how frequent people are standing ouside bar having a smoke? how heaps of them bars are on a public street? near bus stops outside?
it looks terrible. the empire at the bus stop now hold to breathe the smoke while waiting for the bus. can the public get bygone the people on the street?
y are u askin a give somebody the third degree that has be asked many times contained by the past few days?
yes we could adjectives save lb1250 a year ..but why do you drive a Subaru instead of a lada. put away hovis bread instead of tesco.buy a villa instead of a flat ..because we enjoy it. and next to that extra holiday everyone will have reckon about adjectives the extra pollution getting there ,,whether by plane or sports car...also is it not a fact that..race who are giving up smoking put on weight.not to forceful either......did you know that one of the buildings you are allowed to smoke within is THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT
Garbage! If the Government wanted to do a favor they would BAN the public sale of ciggs and put the industry out of business BUT then they would not be the receiver of all those billions contained by taxes. Nonsense! Just like my Fathers oncologist when he wrote me a communication after the death of my Father motto he wishes they could find a cure for that terrible disease, and what, him no longer hold a job??
Get indisputable. They aren't doing a favor.
just quit own lovely holiday wen you give up
Actually ... i smoke 50 grammes of tobacco a week ... it works out at only just over lb250 if i buy my tobacco in Belgium where on earth my family lives.
More plausible i'll bring back give or take a few 30 packets on a once a year basis. That will cost me simply under lb150. And even buying the reminder at UK rip sour prices of lb10.00 /50 grammes gets me lately over a yearly expenditure of lb500.00. Not much of a holiday within.
I'm teatotal, is where i put aside my cash really :-)
I don't drive, don't drink, don't walk on holidays.
I choose to smoke though because I WANT to.
If I'm smoking when I'm on my own then how is that effecting other society?
with adjectives the tax explicitly put on fags is it in the intrest of the command for all to tender up.. if we did what would be the new rates call to cover the lost within tobacco sales

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