Acne scar?

whats the best method for getting rid of acne scars...i dont want to see jaged grades in my frontage. what about chemical peal? i heard they can engender ur skin worse tho or damage it and trademark it pruple or red? thanks for your help out

Go nature!

Get an aloe plant from a local supermarket

Cut of the spiky sides... outer layer the front

Inside, you'll see white and clear

Take the sticky clear part out (or you could a short time ago slice the whole gooey inside

Put it on your obverse

Aloe vera mask

You know aloe is best for scar, right?
It even gets rid of acnes ;) its simply the best best best.

i don't close to using like those cosmetic craps. they contain too much cruel stuff, but if you wanna go next to those - remember to buy fragrance-free, oil-free, and hopefully, like color-free, noncosmetic stuff. :)
maderma, coco butter stick
Neutrogena make one facial mask that is to say just for acne scar. I used it and it really did help, but it took a moment or two time. You just do it a couple times a week for more or less 5 minutes. It was glib and made my skin look a lot better. But acne scar will also fade in time too. Good luck!
Isotretinoin (accutane) Information & it's Side Effects.

Isotretinoin (the generic describe for accutane) is used to treat the most severe and disfiguring cases of nodular acne. Most Doctors would only recommend this treatment single after all other forms of acne medication hold been tried and proved unsuccessful.

Serious Accutane Side Effects
1. Birth Defects
2. Psychiatric Diseases, Depression and Suicide
3. Central Nervous System Ailments
4. Liver Damage
5. Hearing/Vision Problems
6. Accutane Pancreatic Damage

More detailed info on this page:

Information on the nouns, history and legacy of Accutane.
Acne treatments - information on your complexion

Acne is a systemic inflammatory disease affecting the skin. Current statistics estimate that it is endure by 90% of adolescents, almost 50% of all fully fledged women, and 25% of all adults, any chronically, or at some point during their lives. Acne is the most common skin affliction surrounded by the world, yet trait acne treatment is still a mystery to many sufferers. Although near is no absolute cure for acne, the treatment option available in today world clear it a far more manageable condition than ever until that time.

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