Allergy to baked beans?

Does anyone out there find they hold an allergy to baked beans? What are your symptoms? I'm trying to figure out what is cause my lips to swell and prepare, and I think it is the baked beans! Thanks.

Most baked bean recipe have greatly of different ingredients. So, usually it's 1 ingredient that may cause the allgery.
You could move about see an allergy Dr and take a example of the beans with you and him check it out and see if you are allergic to the beans or something surrounded by them.
I am allergic to Strawberries, it is the acid surrounded by them that causes my frontage to blister.{ I have not eat Strawberries in 8 years } and I love them things. Yest I can munch through them in pies and I hold no problem..
if you think you are allergic you should stop drinking it...if you are allergic the symptoms will cont. to get worse

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