Alergies, counsel?.?

My nose is other a little bit stuffy, not so doomed to failure that i cant breath through it but its definatly harder to breath through than it should be. Also my voice sounds kind of nasally. I pretty sure its an allergies article. But i hate pills and dont ever take it anymore (used to when i be like 13, but literary how bad it is and that it... Ah... i wont acquire into it =) ) So are there crude cures for these things?, if not i guess i'm screwed.

Example of my drug stubborness - When i had my sense teeth removed, i refused to hold pain prescription, and almost got and infection because i didnt clutch the anti biotic.

I would rather die than be put on a drug!

i no how u feel i hav allergies and no medicine hav evr worked 4 me, and i hav always tried 2 avoid them, adjectives i can say iz try 2 relax and keep hold of yourself entertained and they come across 2 jus fade away...
Try one of the moisturizing saline nasal sprays. You can use it adjectives the time. Should help profusely and isn't a medication or addictive.
go to a herbal shop
If you hold plant-related allergies, I have have good results taking alfalfa cap or drinking alfalfa and red clover tea. If your allergies are environmental, it probably wouldn't help much. The other possibility is that you aren't suffering from allergies at all--you could own a deviated septum. That's a minor surgical issue, though, so I doubt you would be interested in pursuing it.
enjoy the same entity with my feeler! and it seems lifelong! maybe you shuld use some grease lotion... i used to, but can't remember the name. i used to rub my feeler with it and it feel beeter, but it didn't last long...
contained by life there's medication u need to lug, by a proffessional, if u use it right u will be all right, i own allergeries and i go to the dr.s every 6 months and bring my shots every week, and i don't have a probably, i guess folks think there's pros and cons inverything we do

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