A latest question for the fun of it: does anyone agree that a bleak itch is almost as moral as sex when scratched?!

I have bug bites at the moment, and also have chickenpox once, as a kid of course, and other really discouraging itches in former times (the kind that a short time ago feel incredible as you gash and scratch and finally they have a feeling satisfied. LOL) Does anyone agree that a desperate itch being scratched feel SO good it's almost resembling... ahem... LOL You get the opinion! It's a funny question I know, but I a moment ago wanted to impart everyone a smile and remind everyone how we're all a great deal alike (even us men and women). :)

haha i agree!
I've never had sex, but when I score a bad itch, it feel SO GOOD. I know the next time I hold to itch something, I'll remember your question near a smile. Thanks!! :D
hahaha yeah i say that ALL the time and society just look at me funny.. i have a severe 2nd degree sunburn and its presently pealing and oh my god it itches... it feel so damn good to cut into... i had my mom rollin on the floor.. i asked her to gash and she was resembling uhmmm... u sound approaching ur having a orgasm.. i be like damn close LOL. it a moment ago feels so angelic when u scratch... lol i made my self nouns like a nut...
Even if it be just a banter I really feel Sex must be much more stodgy than a itch-scratch. Not that I have not experienced the soothing and wonderful relief of stroking around boils and scratch a bad itch, but a angelic sexual intercourse takes me to much complex heavens.
When inside of my ears itch really bad, and I use a q-tip, it feel so good. I relate my husband, "This is orgasmic."
you might have contracted morgellons disease. google it.

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