600 My count have gone over 600 but i am not intake anything next to high-ranking sugar count i am drinking wet `?

when I drink fluids i am constantly going to the bathroom and my mouth feels dry constantly any sugestions I am rear legs to the r. in the morning

If you are not on injectable insulin, the doctor may own to order that for you.

Your blood sugar should never find that high.

You are within danger of going into a diabetic coma or going temporairly blind.

Only insulin will bring down such a dignified number, and if you are not already using it, the amount should be determined by a health effort professional.
You are at 600?!?!?! Go to the hospital now!
you could be consumption things that are high contained by sodium or you could have adjectives bad cholesterol, I own the same problem and their is no opening around it I only drink hose down and maybe a chalice of wine one in a while so achieve your cholesterol check. good luck
Make sure you are not consumption alot of high carbohydrate foods similar to potatoes, rice, breads... its not always the sugars that count. Carbs turn into sugar when not burned rotten. Has the Dr put you on any meds? Could you have any type of infection? When you are sick or enjoy a infection it raises your blood sugar as ably. Also stress. Alot of different factors come into play when you are chitchat about diabetes. Talk these things over beside your doctor when you go.
Go to the emergency room!!

Regardless of what you are consumption, a lack of insulin will drive your blood sugar super large. And when your blood sugar is that high, you entail specialized doctor's care to bring it down undamagingly.

Keep drinking water, carrying out tests (test for ketones too), and at least telephone call your local emergency room or clinic.
Please understand that your thirst is a symptom of your disease. Your body can process anything and confer you a high blood sugar. Now you know one piece for certain. Your medication is going to enjoy to be adjusted. So receive it done quickly.
Its not a short time ago SUGAR content--you need to see the CARBOHYDRATES that you eat. Read the label on your food, and never eat more than 30 milligrams of carbohydrate within any meal!
Nearly adjectives foods have them, so be thoroughly careful of portion sizes. One cup of noodles is 30 mg of carbs--if you make a payment a couple pieces of bread and a potato or some corn, thats probably 75 gms!!

Eat more low-carb foods, like green beans, lettuce, carrot, celery, cucumbers, and beets.

Get a good book on carb counting, too, and swot how to eat more in shape.
obviously this is diabetes your dealing near here. sugar is not the only factor that will sort your blood glucose levels skyrocket. simple carbohydrates (aka processed foods) will hold the same effect no event what the sugar content is. you need to turn to your doctor and learn to settlement with this properly. probably he or she can recommend a nutritionist/dietician for you to see that can help you further combat this condition.
Check for ketones! You are at serious risk of going into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) especially if you are T1!
As mentioned previously by other posters, it is not just cokes and candy that will tilt your sugar, but breads, pastas, white veggies, PIZZA, etc. All of these are high contained by carbs and if you add a soda or a candy dowel to that makes it that much worse. Combine that next to all the small amounts of carbs you may enjoy had throughout the hours of daylight, your bg levels would be soaring by presently. Remember, just two slices of white bread is 30g of carbs.
Are you insulin dependent? Then product your correction now! If not afterwards you will need to move about to the ER. They will give you the insulin you entail. Good luck and pay extremely close attention to this. Those are some very serious numbers and most meters don't even register that dignified! How long has it be at this number any way?
Go to the ER NOW. Have someone drive you or phone 911. This is serious. You have most probable gone into DKA and this can be fatal save treated.

You will need insulin and IV rehydration. This will not alleviate on it's own. You stipulation emergency treatment. Don't sit around at your computer. Get your butt to the hospital now. Don't hang around.

With your blood sugar out of control, stir to the emergency room. People often associate soaring blood sugar with sugar intake. Pasta, rice and beans are starches and subdivision of the break down is they turn to sugar. Follow your nutritionist suggestions. Do what the doctors tell you. too masses diabetics think they enjoy all the answers. You giant blood sugar tells me you are not contained by control of your body and never have be. Now is the time to start listening to the medical professionals concerning your diabetes
Repeating what the others have said, GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! This is not something to play next to , or wait til morning. You could run into a coma! If you are type 1 and not making any insulin, then it doesn't event what you eat. Eating nil will raise your blood sugar. The thirst is a symptom of the soaring blood sugar. You need insulin and i.v. hydration at once. Your electrolytes are probably out of whack too, and that can affect your heart. Don't wait a minute longer.
Please Please, if you are on multiple each day injections (Lantus/log or Levemir/log) use your correction factor and take some insulin! If on NPH pinch 5 units Log. A low is easier to treat than a high-ranking.
You need a different insulin regimen. The one you are currently on is obviously stopped for you. Discuss this with your doctor soon.

AFTER you dance to the ER, like everyone else said.
move about and get this checked out it sounds serious
Eating sugar is not the simply key to raise your blood sugar. If you are eating pasta, or bread, or potatoes, or other giant carb foods, that will raise your blood sugar as vigorously as a candy bar. When your blood sugar get as high as yours, you are surrounded by danger of developing diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be VERY serious. You must gain your blood sugar down, even if you have to progress to the ER. Good luck.

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