Am I contained by a serious situation?

I am a HS student and for the past 1year and partially I have notice this bump or whatever it is on my moved out had. It is similar to the size of a dime or smaller that is beneath my skin ( sometimes it appears big when I touch it to much or it gets smaller when I walk out it alone) and it seems to be on the bone of my middle finger or between my middle and ring finger, because everytime I move one of those two fingers the bump moves beneath my skin going up and down.

I have told my kinfolk and some of them say it might be in recent times a purtruding bone that needs to be shaved down, but I sometimes suggest it could be a cyst even though I am not sure how 1 looks or feels similar to

Even though it is very small, newly the phsical apperence of me looking at it bothers me. It doesn't cause me any headache, but is distracting to me and makes me touch very self-conscious. I haven't told my doctor yet dut to the consternation of what he might say.
What are some possibilities on what it could be?
Should I be worrying?

I know a virtuous oncologist who will tell his patients, not to verbs until he tells them to verbs. have it checked, if it bothers you, and don't be alarmed
Good god you don't know to go to an oncologist!

I would be in motion to your family physician for an exam.

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