Advice on breathing problems? Shortness of Breath?

It feels close to my airway is half the size it should be and I hold to breath in really strapping to get the heavens I need sometimes. I enjoy nothing wrong near my heart I know and no asthma (I been tested) I ruminate it may be allergies cause surrounded by the cold weather it aint so bad. But anyone else hold this problem or know what I should do?

Honestly to me it sounds like Asthma explicitly caused by allergies. I know you said you've be tested, but if you aren't in an attack when they theory test you its not accurate. Have you been put on breathing treatments close to a nebulizer or inhaler? Those may help also some antihistamine may give a hand if it is because of the allergies. An important point to remember is that anytime your airway feels similar to it is closing or tightens it is likely an asthmatic condition. Asthma is a tricky disease and usually a diagnosis is base on symptoms alone. I have be a Respiratpry therapist for 6 years, as powerfully as an asthmatic all my enthusiasm. You have asthma.
I enjoy the same problem especially when it get hot and humid. I have an albuterol inhaler i use just a few times a year for when this bothers me. Talk to your doctor and see if he/she thinks this might aid you. The air characteristic when it gets melt is probably bothering you.
Use spacer and inhale the pumps like asthalin or any mild. But yourbreathing problem is whether due to cold, humid, or dry, explicitly important. Anyway, it is better to own a pulmonary test done to hold the correct reading
I have pocd and when its raining i wrap a towel around my go before to keep the cold and damp out. sometimes it works and sometimes it may haft to use a inhealer of somekind.dont and I say dont use a over the counter inhealer see your doctor frist.
When you enjoy shortness of breath for any length of time, you should get it checked by a doctor. A number of treatable heart problems can start out as shortness of breath, as the lone symptom.

If your heart is fine, according to the doctor, you may have some blockage, infection, or inflammation that can be treated.

On the flip side, don't tolerate a surgeon take out your tonsils, adenoids etc... "purely to see if that will help" It almost never does... and you can always receive second and third opinions...

But this requirements a doctor's opinion

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