After my tonsil operation.?

im going to have my tonsil operation tomorrow and wont be capable of eat alot, do u construe i will lose some weight?

You probably will, but surrounded by an unhealthy passageway. I know you can't avoid it because of the operation, though. It will be hard to hang on to the weight past its sell-by date because you are not replacing it with muscle similar to excercising and a healthy diet will do. Rather, you are losing rotund, which is good, if it stays rotten.

I always lose cargo after an operation and it never fully comes back.
No, but what matter is what you believe. You'll be amazed at how greatly the psychological factor plays in valid life occurance.
When my tonsils be taken out I only lost around 10 pounds over two weeks. Recovery time is very short.
I don`t know a little bit. I don't deduce I did, but then again I don't remember. I be only 4 years antediluvian
maybe a pound or two but not a complete lot. you will be back on your foot and eating sooner than you mull over.

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