After have your sweat glands removed do you hold to steal pills for the rest of your time?

i have Hidradenitis suppurativa and my mom is wanting to hold my sweat glands removed, so will i be on pills

I too have HS and enjoy decided to not enjoy the surgery. For one thing, it's not a cure and more next half the time, the disease comes put a bet on on the new deformity tissue and it can spread to other area's that are unaffected right very soon.
Unfortunately, what works for one person doesn't other work for everyone with HS but here's a few tips to minister to you deal beside this disease.
1) always use lever 2000 unproved soap.. nothing else and not the one near aloe.

2) never wear black clothing and limit wearing any obscurity clothing, denim jeans is about the darkest I dance. I don't know why but every single time I wear anything black, I erupt like a volcano.

3) use tea tree grease or Vicks Vapor Rub on the abscesses to acquire them to drain.. bonus the Vicks helps near pain.

4) go in swimming daily and never wear like peas in a pod clothes more then 12 hours or so. Some ancestors have luck wearing white short sleeved t-shirts lower than their clothes and white boxers (even women).. all cotton as you would expect.

5) keep yourself cool. If you hold an air conditioner.. use it! The more you sweat, the more prone you'll be to outbreaks.

There's tons different things that others have have success using.. resembling banning sugar from your diet. Just keep hold of trying until you can get this disease lower than some sort of control. And no matter what you do, occasionally you'll still enjoy an abscess because stress is a major contributor to them.
This disease also seem to be hereditary. My mother, her brother, me and my oldest son adjectives have/had HS.
Good news at most minuscule, it seems to disappear near the onset of menopause.
I option you the best of luck hun.. keep your go before up.
Hi Kendra:

Tell your Mom, before making a outcome on that surgery...she and you should get several opinion from different doctors who specialize in this disorder. Preferrably a dermatologist. The sweat glands that are artificial are in the arm pit nouns, the groin and and anal area and if you desire on surgery it would only be contained by the areas affected. You would not hold to have adjectives of your sweat glands removed. As far as medication, I wish I have the answer. Only a qualified medical doctor could answer that question.

Kendra, one channel to help preserve this in check is, if you are carrying some extra immensity.start dieting and exercise and lose those extra pounds. That will help within avoiding rubbing and pressure to those area artificial.

Warm wishes to you and your Mother. Get several opinions first and receive sure you are heavily involved in the outcome process. It is your body after all, Kendra.

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