23yo manly entering Second week near shingles and still torment comparable to a kidney stone, Is this mundane?

I am a 23 year old masculine who was diagnosed a week ago near shingles and given a 7 day supply of Valtrex, 2 months supply of amitriptyline to prevent PHN, and Vicodin. I hold finished the 7 days of Valtrex and am still taking the amitriptyline before I be in motion to bed and Vicodin 1 every 6 hours as needed for the pain which still feel comparable to a kidney stone. The rash is starting to alleviate slowly with no more signs of unmarked lesions but the cramp and the overall feeling of malaise is still in that. I am almost out of the Vicodin and have tryed aleve, tylenol, and motrin next to no success within easing my discomfort and am wondering should I call the doctor for another prescription becuase still have the rash I hold heard that the spasm can last from 2 to 4 weeks and do not want to suffer?

Get wager on in touch near your doctor ASAP. Shingles is a HORRIBLE thing! I've have them twice! See if your doctor can give you something stronger for the strain. Also remember that until your blisters dry up, you're contagious to people that enjoy never had chicken pox. I option you the best of luck!!
Check out webmd's site: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-t...
Yes, call the doctor. The discomfort from shingles can last a month or longer.

Best of luck to you!
achieve to a doc now dont waite turn now previously you get worse sour and die hun i wish u luck but hurry
I would send for and see if they would be willing to hail as in a nother RX. Sometimes they might want to see you again but its owrth it if you within that much pain.
this can ending several weeks, months or years,You need to contact your doctor for guidance, Good luck
Pain from shingles is hard to treat - it is boldness pain which typically doesn't respond capably to things like vicodin, alleve, tylenol, and motrin. The amitriptyline can backing but it takes a while to see in. (Usually we prescribe neurontin instead of amitriptyline; you might want to ask more or less that instead.) A really good entry to ask your doctor about is a lidoderm patch - can be used once the blisters dry up. Unfortunately, surrounded by a few people, the twinge can last for weeks to months. Good luck.

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