A group for someone near terminal cancer? Help beside inviations?

My dad has be diagnosed with terminal cancer. I would similar to to throw him an elegant delegation with adjectives of his closest friends and family. Any philosophy on how to phrase the invitations? It will be a cocktail party--outdoors-- in August.Thanks

Come to a Celebration of Mr-------'s Life. Recent developments enjoy led us to host a roast honoring this great human one....RSVP, and then explain the situation of robustness. Ask quests to bring items or post or photos that cover his life and how he have impacted theirs as the gifts.
something positive, like "Come whoop it up LIFE with (his name), friends and domestic!"
Lots of people own been told they own this many months or years and finishing up living way historic that!!

As far as invites. Why not just voice "you're invited to a party honoring (insert name)" You don't enjoy to go into detail, as those around you probably know the situation.

Sorry roughly what you and your family are going through. Have a great deputation!
I think that's nice of you to do it for your dad...I suggest not merely sending paper "invitations", but one-sidedly calling each individual and explaining the real intention for the party. I assume that adjectives the persons invited are aware of the situation. You inevitability to make sure they become conscious the reason for the get-together. Also, your dad desires to understand what you're doing, and that some guests who come might receive unkind remarks, or don't realize what is going on with your dad. You might even want to own a little discussion near the family, or a small group of friends earlier the social event, and hash out what needs to be done. I go to a family reunion just now. It was really for a relative who be dying of lung cancer, and he wanted a final get-together, so it be politely called a inherited reunion. He enjoyed it immensely, and lots of photos be taken. I also suggest photos of the family/friends with him, and hold this all record for family genealogy. He will close to being remembered approaching that. I like the refined party hypothesis, with probably his favorite foods served, and perchance his favorite photos displayed. Be sure to have a final photo of adjectives his friends and relatives framed for his last days, so he can look at it.
I am sorry, but does your Dad know roughly speaking your plans? This is a very gauzy situation and you should discuss your plans with him. Let him own some input in this.
first, i'd spawn sure your dad is okay with this. he may not similar to the idea of his friends truism their farewells. sorry, but it may breed him think that approach. if he's on board near the idea, merely invite people to a dinner entertainment or what ever type of get together it is. details aren't compulsory as his closest family and friends will already know what's going on. if someone call and asks what the dinner is for, you can fill them within then.
adjectives my best to your dad. i hope he has a righteous time.

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