I requirement an answer to my itch problem.?

Well heres the story. I don't know when this started but when i put lotion thorughout my body it makes me itch approaching crazy not immediately but next on the day. Another occurrence is sometimes, if not adjectives the times when im washing the dishes my legs seriously start itching so doomed to failure i have to stop and stop it from itching. I also own these little bumps on my arms (top arms) that i had probably forever. she give me this lotion called eucerin dry skin for something call like i forgot what it be but she said it was inheritance and i believe her b/c my little sister has it on her frontage and arms so does my cousin. but not as much as me. Another thing i mull over that makes me itch similar to today (right now im itching , not similar to chicken pox , but like my pelt my face my stomach start itching) i shaved my sideburns and my ears are itching and my facade. Is this something bad or is this b/c i don't put lotion on , but lotion make me itch. damn. Is this like fleas.

First of adjectives, stop using that lotion and in a few days, see if you discern a difference. You're probably allergic to that lotion. Do the bumps itch too?
Using lotion is necessary within keeping the skin moisturized, but you must also be particular surrounded by choosing those that compliment your skin type, and your allergies. Have you asked your doctor about your allergic sensitivity to the lotion yet? You should stop using it if it harms your skin. Try asking your doctor for a safer one.

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