Acting differently?

my mother came sour the breathing machine within icu, she had a heart attack, she have it on for around three weeks, well, she is finally stale ( thank god) but.she is acting strangely, I asked the nurse and she said it takes awhile for patients to draw from back to everyday. My mom is not talking which I follow but she does'nt seem to follow us very resourcefully and looks so dazed. I just want her stern, is she going to get better?

She will become herself near some time. Any kind of tough surgery next to post-op support will temporarily change someone's identity. It has like mad to do with the anasthesia and for a while to do with the breathing appliance. It's a shock to the system and the brain and this is your mom's brain's attempt to put things into order as a result of the shock.
The clinical possession is post surgical psychosis and it's very adjectives. Along with the stress of the operation, anasthesia and post-op support, the drugs given to your mom to give a hand her heal build up within the system since she's not able to be stirring. You general see pretty quickly improvement after she is up and competent to get around and get out of the hospital. Her personality may still appear a bit off for a week or so but it does boost pretty quickly after she's out of the situation that have her body stressed.
My dad was contained by a similar situation and he wasn't himself at all contained by the hospital. A week later, he be adjusted to one out of there and his body be able to process and toy with his medication better as he was up and around and he become his matured self in almost a week.
In the meantime, try to be patient and sympathy. Try not to show too much concern to your mom about it as she doesn't realize she's acting any differently. It will achieve better and it's very adjectives after major surgery. Just try to be supportive and not be too worried just about it.
Definitely yes, some people embezzle more time to come out of the shock and artificial respirations (it does not smell the same as enviornmental oxygen inhaled, yuck, smells bad).

Cheer up immediately.

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