Help needed re diabates?

There's no way to know what your asking. Please do not believe the myths that ingestion sweets or candy or sugar causes Diabetes.
What loving of help. If you want help, run to A site dedicated to diabetics, both types. Lots of info for you and probably will catch your question answered.
Diabetes mellitus is impair insulin secretion and variable degree of peripheral insulin resistance ascendant to hyperglycemia. Early symptoms are related to hyperglycemia and include polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria. Later complications include vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, and predisposition to infection. Diagnosis is by measure plasma glucose. Treatment is diet, exercise, and drugs that reduce glucose level, including insulin and oral antihyperglycemic drugs. Prognosis varies next to degree of glucose control.
There is no route to respond to your question because near is insufficient information. What did you need to know roughly speaking diabetes? Check out this website:

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