Advice on child who who below go surgery 3 days ago?

My daughter had her tonsills and adenoids removed 3 days ago and I can't create in your mind her pain but she is on pretty correct pain meds and she refuse to eat. She drink amazingly little fluids but soft foods like soup (cold), jello, rime cream...etc and all she refuse. Any advice I know she must maintain the fluid thing going but its getting pretty sturdy, help!

my 3 yr weak had matching surgery a few months ago she wouldnt eat or drink anything for 6 days she lost in the order of 10 lbs but she was ok newly as long as she gets a touch liquid down next she will be ok in around 2 or 3 more days. good luck
i get my tonsils and adenoids taken out too! just a few years ago. She should devour noodles. I had that everyday beside butter and salt. hold on to her on the medication, and drink plenty of water. Make sure you report to her to not to do any phsical activity, because you are still soothing and they wont heal properly. If she doesnt close to water return with the TO GO PACKS like fruit punch etc, you can find them almost anywhere. I snored alot and very soon i dont snore 'cause of the adenoids being took out. Its worth it surrounded by the long run because I had enlarged tonsils and get strept throat almost every month! Good luck with her reclamation
My brother got surgery on his liver almost 4 week ago, for a motor accident. He did not chomp through hardly anything for two weeks, after he woke up one morning like a different child, and has the biggest appetite I've ever see

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