What is the best solution to win rid of headlice? Is nearby a hush-hush remidy not prearranged to me? Please oblige!?

Oh gawd! you're going thru something terrible. Ihave 2 girls and 1 boy. thank god they've one and only had it once, but it be the toughest battle ever surrounded by my house.
don't feel desperate, everyone has other said that you're more apt to get it the cleaner you are! and as amatter of certainty, the child that gave it to mine be the daughter of a very prominent doctor surrounded by our area.
anyway, home remedies would be nice, but they do NOT work.
you enjoy to get the shampoo made for bloodbath lice. you must use the comb, as directed. wouldn't hurt to blow dry your hair when finished, as hot as you can tolerate it. you own to wash adjectives bed clothes.
there is a spray to use on furniture, cars, carpet, etc.
i had to dance thru this process a couple times to get rid of them. i have to take adjectives my kids' stuff animals and spray them, and throw them in the drier for nearly 30 minutes, pillows and nonwashable items as well. have to spray the seats within my vehicle, remember to spray mattresses and couches and chairs as well.
fitting luck, its a headache.
there is a special lice shampoo that you own to buy. then dust all linens and hat in the house, throw out combs and brushes or boil them surrounded by water for a but. dont forget to dust your pets too.
Here is a couple:
Vasaline (if you have curly curls DO NOT USE!)
peanut butter

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