Advise or solutions pls?

i am suffering frm asthma and skin allergy frm childhood. nw i am 30 plus married. but my health condi is giving prob within my married life. very soon my asthma prob is under control due to inhalers but my skin condition is sometimes worse. my condi is term as "etopic" and my allopath is given allergy tablets and vit c capluses. even aftertrying homeo i am cured. is there cure for this skin ailment surrounded by alternative medi or allopathy is the only choice. my outlook of prob is that blackpatches develop in teh joints-especially within knee or appendage joints, fund of neck, forehead, nouns. it will itch in hours of darkness and is attracting peoples attention.i am suffering from this porb right from 3ryrs old. shd i budge to grave with this prob??any help from people from similar situations

Hi. This sounds so distressing and I hope my two suggestion are of some abet. I know you say you haven't but found a cure in alternative pills, but have you tried Manuka honey? The research is really showing some accurate results. I even heard of one female whose daughter had have every sort of treatment buy still was really unpromising. She bought the Manuka honey and just did some skin test. A small patch of skill covered and then a plaster over the top for a day. It really worked. But please describe your doctor first.

The other suggestion is a little out nearby. I know a consultant dermatologist. She theorises that many skin conditions own an emotional side and she used to counsel copious of her patients. They then recovered short drugs. If there is a possiblitly that something big or exciting happened when you be three then you acquire some counselling and that might do the trick. This women is really sound and not a nut position. She got sent adjectives the patients that the other docs couldn't help.

Nurse Emma
Homeo have - not the Dr. Bhatra stuff. A real honourable Homeo Doc can help you since I do know another party a girl of a close family friend whom I grew near, with a similar problem have been cured and living a dependable life very soon. Yes the treatment went for approaching over 5-6yrs.

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