After diagnosis beside diabetes, how own your lifestyle conduct changed? or how have someone you know changed?

also are you type I or type II

My mom has type 2 Diabetes she take her meds but she doesn't watch her carbs. She eat anything she wants to it bothers me that she doesn't view what she eats and she's on the move about all the time.
my husband be diagnosed with diabetes after he started showing severe symptoms of kick-off type 1.5 (LADA) diabetes: blurred vision, constant thirst, 20 pounds of consignment loss in 3 weeks, and severe fatigue. When he go to the hospital his glucose level be over 600.

He is now insulin dependent, take 1 to 2 shots, 10 mg of insulin a day. He watches his sugar and carbohydrate intake and exercises.

Diabetes is completely acceptable and you can live to a very hoary age with little to no complications, but you MUST consult next to a nutritionist and your physician and come up with a team game plan that is right for you.

correct luck and a long healthy vivacity to you!
I was diagnosed at 12 years feeble with Type 1 diabetes. It changed my complete family's lifestyle for a while but we adjusted to it.
i be diagnosed w/ Type 2 almost a yr ago. .. it's been firm ride b/c trying to get the meds straighten out ... my sug even became regular but then i would " crash" from 120 to 70 afterwards i was grab everything in site for sugar to receive it back up & after "crashing from exhaustion" afterwards. I even gained over 50lbs from adjectives the ups & downs... Now that we have it figure out... it's been the hardest item for me to get this wt. sour. And the fact that I know we had this surrounded by r family & didn't want to acquire it. so the chg comes from eating better & trying to excersie to attain the wt off & catch healthier.
I,m type ll. I,ve lost 40 pounds and put away a lot differently. No more ho ho,s.

My friend and his wife are type ll also. She lately had her vanished leg amputated up to her knee. He started a unusual, very strenous errand three weeks ago and has cut his insulin shots within half.

Really, its a hot way of energy to cope with diabetes. No more alcohol. Eat greatly different. Exercise more. These are things I do for me. I can even see better now.
Type 1 since 10/10/2005

I be 14 and a sophmore in glorious school. In total, I missed nearly 2 months of school. When I get back, it be weird, because kids that I have known for years thought I be some kind of freak, and this one girl took to calling me syringe freak and druggie. It was highly hurtful because I knew I didn't deserve it. 2 girls tried to capture me kicked off my lacrosse troop, because they said sick kids didn't belong in sports.

As for me and my personal duration, it changed a lot too. I have to stay on a schedule and keep hold of a routine. I had to engender time for appointments and carry supplies next to me that I had to product room for. It caused for a moment anger in my house for awhlie, but we unanimously came to adopt it. I accept it as a division of me, I don't like it, but I operation with it as best I can.
i own type 1 for 3 years now but not much really changed near me. i just hold to watch what i chomp through, pay somewhat more attention to things, think ahead, and other carry something beside me such as my diabetic supplies and a snack.. which isn't a problem at all. you own to schedule you're time, but after a while it in recent times becomes section of your daily routine and you surmise nothing of it.

the biggest amendment for me would probably be the shots. they don't hurt or anything because they are tiny needles, but before i found out, i be scared to departure of shots.
Type II diagnosed for almost a month now. The with the sole purpose changes I appear to be able to kind at this point is to be aware of what I am eating, dutiful or bad. Bad implication out of control.

My husband is type II for almost ten years and his vivacity style has not changed one bit.

I decision I could say that we be not the dr's nightmare but we seem to be.
^I'm type 2 and ironically, I have change my go style including the way I ate almost 8 months before anyone diagnosed, so my diet at that point didn't change except for the amount of carbs I very soon eat. Below is my core diet.

Whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and poultry. Stay away from the white stuff as much as possible, sugar, white bread, white potatoes, white flour, white rice etc. The smaller amount processed and closer to nature the food the better. Whole pellet breads, whole pellet wheat flour, brown rice and sweet potatoes are healthier choices. Exercise is also far-reaching. I hope this helps.
i am type 1. i hold changed by being really hyper. society have started sentiment bad for me because of the shots and girls enjoy started to like me more than ordinary.
I wanted to consent to everyone know that my aunt has suffered from Diabetes for years , but she simply found a fruit drink that has changed her duration only 4g sugar per serving. I a moment ago want to tell the world.
I be diagnosed with type 1 Feb.2, 2005. Everything surrounded by my world has changed, I own a sweet tooth a mile long, well cant hold that anymore.I have to prick my finger at lowest 5-6 times a day, next to insulin to follow. Oh stress is a major contributor to large sugars. I am a mother of 5, with 2 dogs and a hot puppy. Should I go on? I hold pains in places I didn't know I have, In and out of the hospital. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hope this help
i have type 1 diabetes my natural life has simply changed by me wearing shoes more often & presently i have 2 check & bear units of insulin b4 i put away no friends i no cheanged accept i get diabetes like 3 days b4 christmas & i have 2 sleep over the hospital 4 a couple days it was fun but when i get back every1 have questions 4 me presently there gone & every1 treats me indistinguishable & im glad=)
I had to shift major things contained by my life. No more amiable pigging out on sweets and junk. I own to watch the foods I guzzle, which was something I should enjoy done all along but diabetes is a genuine factor now. I exercise every afternoon, because I definitely surface better. I test twice a morning because I need to know how I am doing as far a glucose level are concerned. If I am moving out of my safe zone, next I am very scrupulous about what I put within my mouth. I try to make thriving choices all morning, but I have a sweet tooth, so I enjoy to talk myself out of my chronological behaviors. I don't succeed all of the time, but I am ever mindful of what I have need of to do for my disease and try to stay correct in my ingestion and exercise routines.

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