I purely ripped bad my wart what do i do?

i got wart removal stuff...i put it on my wart this morning and it turned white and i be messing with it and approved to pull ti rotten...when i pulled it...it ripped off my wart. the center of it is red and gross looking...and theres brown looking stuff on the skin surrounding it ..and what do i do in a minute? i dont want it to get infected...do i cut the rest of the skin stale or do i just go away it like it is right presently and let it treat? .any advice would be greatly appreciated..

Keep it verbs by washing next to antibacterial soap such as Dial and cover it with a bandaid until it looks better. No picking at it! That's how microbes get into it and wreak infection.
please call your dr
Put a bandaid over it and stop picking.
Now, you holiday.
Nothing it will grow back

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