Allergic to the pool?

I like to swim lap at the local pool. I never had a problem beside this before but in a minute everytime I swim my nose starts running and i start sneezing desperately. My face also feel burned after swimming. I'm not sure what to do about this problem bc i really want to swim my lap and that's the only pool around this nouns.

Also I take a shower and bathe off everytime after i swim..
I'm lately wondering if there is any lotion or any herb that could prevent this from taking place.

I do not like taking medication, so I'd rather find something organic. Also I've tried putting "Cetaphil" lotion on my face in the past I swim, but it still happens.

Is nearby anything that can help? Also, does anyone know why i would hold an allergic reaction in a minute and not before [about a year ago]?

It could be that of late right now there's something contained by the water that's affecting you. Sometimes things seize spilled in the pool that shouldn't be here (usually it is in such a small amount compared to the pool size it doesn't issue, though)... Perhaps a bit too much chlorine was put into the system.

I swam for years and years and my proboscis would get runny every time. For some ethnic group, when in the hose it just happen.

With your face burning, that lean toward a combination of dry skin and too much chlorine in the pool. Wash your frontage gently, but thoroughly, after you swim. Get a well brought-up face lotion (clinique's moisturizer is good) and apply quickly after the wash. Keep your obverse moisturized.

If you're getting rashy, definitely see a doctor. It may be something else to be precise wrong with your skin and the chlorine is of late aggravating it because it's already irritated.
It is probably just the chlorine within the pool, and it helps spread out up your sinuses. The burning on your face is probably because they enjoy add chlorine not long or they added too much. I don't think it is an allergic aversion or else you would of have it before. Ask the creature who takes contemplation of the pool maybe they can provide you some advice.
Public/club pools are typically operate with a much highly developed percentage of chlorine to precompensate for the swimmer load one would use at home, so you're deeply getting a chlorine burn not an allergic reaction.

The pool may enjoy been accidently overchlorinated as powerfully, and since chlorine burns off faster next to heat and longer sun exposure, the continuation people will tend to nouns more chlorine into it during the summer than they would in the winter. If the chlorine height were ever todrop below the minimum rank, bacteria and algae would lift over in a big hurry and are harder to destroy off than to prevent contained by the first place.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is use goggles, a trunk clip to keep dampen out of your nose and some sort of impermeable lotion on your face to minimize your skins exposure. I'd read aloud vaseline/petroleum jelly but there are probable better products than that. There are some waterproof sunscreens available and probably are the best choice for more than one principle.
It sounds like you are allergic to the chlorine. It bothers me too. I will sneeze for twelve hours after I find out of the water. The single thing that help me is an antihistamine. I usually swim in the water where near is no chlorine.

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