3 enlarged lymph nodes contained by collar..?

a month ago I started feeling sick, namely within my throat.I woke up and could barely swollow.I be also experiencing a high fever(about 102). My tonsils be very swollen and red.I go to the AM/PM clinic.My temp was now104.they run a rapid strep theory test and a mono test.both gloomy.they also ran a CBC. My WBC count be at 15.Because of this they assumed that it was a bacterial infection. Gave me a script for some antibiotics and sent me on my path.I finished all the antibiotics and get better.But, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I notice a posterior chain of 3 lymph nodes pop up, adjectives about a pea contained by size.My tonsils are still swollen but are no longer red or hurt at all.the restlessness has not returned.I go to my physcian today and he said that with bacterial infection my temp shouldn't be that giant, also that with an infection within the throat, the posterior chain of lymph nodes shouldn't be swollen.waiting for cbc results.backing!should i be worried?what do i have?bacterial?viral?he have no idea..

time for a discussion next to your doctor - the one who ordered the tests. No one here is qualified to answer your grill.
I think sometimes it take a while for the lymph nodes to go hindmost to normal after an infection. Pea size is not adjectives that big so I wouldn't worry, but the pain may last a while.
Hope it get better soon!

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