Tired adjectives the time?

I am 24 yo male and I am on an antidepressent Celexa 40mg a morning. The medicine doesnt kind me tired but I just surface runned down all the time resembling I havent had plenty sleep. I yawn and just have a feeling worn out during the day. I sometimes own trouble thinking and if I hold my hands out they own a slight tremble to them. I went to the doc who took blood and is supposed to acquire back to me today but I considered necessary to hear from you guys what this may be or if anyone else has experienced something resembling this.

I should also add that I tend to shift up and down in mass. I can sometimes in a month move 5-10 lbs. I also have a conventional sex drive but I can have somewhat soft erections.

reaction run down all the time, yarning, tremors, counterweight issues and erection problems are all side effects of Celexa.
ask your doctor if he think a sleep study would be right for you. i have be having equal problems and had a sleep study 2 weeks ago and found i hold sleep apnea
what exactly was the sound out? are you deppressed? yes brother you are join the fuckingclub
I'm a womanly so I'm answering from my perspective...

I'm tired a lot and I hold shaky hands too. Mainly because I do abundantly of lifting, exercising, etc. In any case I will formulate a few simple suggestions:

1. Take time in your 'busy' light of day to relax. Rather that means flop into a stool or bed, or taking a bath (not my style) doesn't concern.

2. Get more iron in your diet. It help wake you up some.

3. Exercise! It wake you up and gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Go run, do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, move up weights, ride a bike. Things like that will TOTALLY stir you up.

About the shaky hands.. Like said, a short time ago take a few minutes to relax, what I do is lay down on my bed, no pillows or anything so I'm completely relaxed, I stare up at the ceiling and remember to relax every distraught muscle in my body. That help me.

And you are depressed? If I understood why afterwards I could help you a short time there too.

That's my two cents, spend it responsibly.
Do you snore? Day time sleepiness is one ofthe signs of Sleep apnea. MIght be worth looking into if you have be told that you snore.

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