I own a depressed immune system and want to pep it up myself lacking visit the doctors. What can i do?

I suffer depression and have be getting colds and other viruses adjectives through the winter months. I want to try helping myself before i resort to visit the doctors. Anyone know what i can try?

Answers:    The average person get 7 viral respiratory infections a year, so if you are unlucky you may get 10 or 12, short there self anything special wrong with you. Your GP can do zilch to improve the state of your immune system. Also hotel ensuring that you other take a perched diet, with your 5 a time and at least 2 1/2 litres of fluid a time, there is zilch you can do either.

If you are worried more or less your health however, you GP can accomplish a number of routine checks, to confirm at hand is nothing underlying your infections. This within no way commits you to treatment, surrounded by fact most right GPs will not offer you any!

I am afraid that as expected the remaining answers to date suggest vitamins, which contribute no benefit and may be toxic in excess and echinacea which have been shown to be worthless!
try the herblife products.. they are GREAT!

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