After release nation should be adjectives.If we dont pollution will spread and topical diseaseas will spread.comment pl?

True. People should care nearly todays world rather than pieces of meat that used to be family.
won't the burning make more pollution?

Folk them into a bit of compost it would do the world of angelic.
Life's too short to read posts like this. That's what I presume.

but what about adjectives the smoke

think give or take a few nature.

how long will it be previously goverment ban cremations because of unwholesome effects to the environment. its pathetic.
If someone dies of a contagious disease than I would really agree with you. However, I believe a green burial lacking embalming or a casket is truly the best way to step.

When I go, it's any cremation or a green burial somewhere other than a necropolis.
Its true. We, Hindus, always cremate departed bodies.
well we enjoy that choice cremation and I am all for it because we are running out of territory for earth burials and it does come across like a poor dissipate of precious lands HOWEVER, news flash.once limp, no one is spreading any germs to infect anyone anymore! LOLK
Burning things is SUCH a honest idea. Let's burn trees to hold on to warm, burn rainforests so we can enjoy more farmland , therefore using more agricultural chemicals, burn fossil fuels so we can drive one mile down the road to buy cigarettes, which we'll also burn, conveniently puffing out so that others can die from the second mitt smoke, then after they cark it, we can burn them too. Who care about a bit more smoke?
.Do I really enjoy to explain irony?
i don't believe that at all some relations want to be cremated and some people want to be buried i surmise we need to respect respectively others decision when it comes to extermination
Burning is an oftion when you die, but most people regard it is poluting the air, and making adjectives the diseases go into the atmosphere. I personally don't know if this iis true but to be precise just what I know.
I wouldn't want to be adjectives. I think it might be al ittle abnormal. Set me on fire next cover me in dirt so I can smolder and not burn, would be better.
And also they're finding unsullied thinks to do next to people. Like cremating and I know some folks are startin to say they want to be made into something, close to that guy whos remians were made into a frisbee at his choice.
(Just my opinion and hopefully some oblige.)
I would have to disagree. Since the outset of mankind, people be buried after death, as a sign of respect and prominently to get rid of the bodies. In movies you may see that during times of time of war, bodies were piled into heaps and burned to prevent the spread of disease, but this be only done because within was no time to bury adjectives the dead. Burial of bodies does not grounds pollution nor does it create new diseases. A buried corpse is not toxic, instead it in reality fertilizes the soil as the body decomposes. If that same corpse be left out within the open, consequently it would be a vector for bacteria to propagate and would infect other populace but would still not affect the environment. While I agree that cremation would save time, space, and money, if we're discussion about pollution and disease, the with the sole purpose thing I see impacting the land in any route is the release of CO2 gas after cremation.
no, some people may be afraid of fires and dont wanna be cremated. my sisters friend lost his parents and brotheres 4 yrs ago surrounded by a fire. i doubt he'll wanna be cremated. i wanna be buried with familly and would never wanna be cremated ever.
That's why we bury later 6 feet below. So the disease won't spread.

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