Alternative Remedies for Genital Warts?

I was reading online that you can use some home remedies to rid the wart.

One be to use oil (vitamin E) and crushed garlic and cover next to adhesive.

The other suggested using apple vinegar.

Has any one used any of this and did they work? Have you used any article else?

I tried Aldera, but it caused me ALOT of stomach-ache and I not using it agian unless I have to. Please serious answers just. I am not alone in this, they are extremely adjectives. If you are rude, you will be report. Trust and believe.

There are a number of different ways of getting rid of them. Aldera
sometimes works, but not other. Apple vinegar and garlic are sometimes suggested, but I've never seen any convincing evidence they work.

I construe the best way is to freeze them bad with gooey nitrogen. This is the method used by most dermatologists and sexually transmitted diseases clinics. It stings a bit, and it doesn't always work first move about, but it's the method that causes the tiniest discomfort overall, and is most effective. I suggest you contact your gynaecologist, dermatologist or local STI clinic.
I' have acid and the freezing.. u bring back used to it after awhile.. doesn't hurt.. feels close to someone put an ice cube to your skin.. if that hurts, i verbs about ya :) but you want to carry rid of them ASAP.. so that would probably be the best idea. try going to the doctor 16 times for burning and/or freezing them past its sell-by date :) haha good luck, cremes embezzle time to work.. none worked for me
I have never hear of any alternative therapies though I enjoy heard of the vit E for wart on the hands, but not genitals. one call on to the doc and he can cut them all sour, that is the quickest course
really? Aldara caused you distress? i've used it and it worked ok for me.

no i've never used any home remedies nor have i ever hear of them. try them out. can't hurt anything. i would say use respectively remedy for a month and see if you see differences in size and shape of the wart. Good Luck and Best Wishes

My doc told me freezing can be quite uncomfertable. remember everyone act differently to treatments. don't take someone's word for it
yup i tried apple cider vinger.
that stuff is the best... it works so accurate.

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