I have need of to know why I am bruising so impossible.?

I am 31, and I am having SO copious bruises come up. I am overweight and not sure if that contributes to this. I think what have scared me lately is the certainty the for instance today I was playing volleyball, i fell.did not hit anything and forthwith i felt a place come up on the stern of my calf..i could hardly way of walking on it and it was as thorny as a rock.i went to the bathroom in the region of 10 minutes later and it be a place about 6 inches surrounded by diameter that is extremely sore to the touch and it is black already....i also am really sore to the touch..if someone pokes at me on any part of my body it brings me to my knees contained by pain...what is going on?

For decency sake, get yourself to a doctor! It could be something especially mild or it could be deadly. I preference you well.
you could enjoy a clotting disorder and/or anemia , or a blood disorder. you need to see your primary and find some blood work done asap!!!
need to move about to doctor and have a blood try-out. Your platelet count may be low. The wife had equal problem and had to own her spleen removed. All fine now.

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