Acne picking problem?

I have tried masses things to stop picking my face, I put band-aids over them to remind me to don't pick and even slapped my hand when I started reaching for my forehead... Is there any approach that will permenently keeping me from picking at myself?

just don't?

don't put a bandaid here cuz then you'll be parinoid knowing its in attendance,
and don't slap your hand thats kinda silly.

Just argument the urge, focus on something more amusing,
like goings-on outside,

all the best!
stir to a dermatologist and they can give you cream that can clear acne and won't make a contribution you any bruises or anything from scratching and will alleviate everything. once all your acne go away, you won't have to pick it and slowly you will acquire used to not picking your face.
why dont you cut ur finger nail really short so its impossible too!
you can put stuff on your face that not just helps the acne but also make you not want to touch it, and also just mull over to yourself everytime you do it that when you do it, it only make the acne problem worse
wear gloves or oven mits
lol I did the same entry and couldn't help it. I a short time ago bought some creams, proactive to be specific, to help find rid of the acne.
My only root for 'picking at myself' (as you call it) be to get rid of adjectives those humongously visible pimples on my obverse by force and to prevent more from appearing (which of course didn't work - it simply got worse). So, the solely solution i found, was to create sure them pimples didn't appear in the first place.

I invested contained by a basic set of obverse products (cleanser, toner, moisturiser) and have be diligently using them when i feel i involve to. They seem to be working and i haven't see (nor picked) any new pimples.

I have an idea that using these products also have a psychological effect where on earth i feel i don't hold to remove the acne (by force) myself and instead just trust those products to work. And thank God they are.

Hope this help in path, not a very direct approach though.
hahaha so funny. lately stop looking at mirrors so often. that bearing you wont notice it. worked for me.

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