Adenoids person removed?

I'm 16 and the last few years I've other gotten ear infections I go swimming so cold this be cause by the adenoids? and also I think ive have hearing loss, so can I still hold my adenoids removed to improve my audible range.

The reason for the ear infections is because the adenoids are most imagined blocking the Eustachian tubes. I had mine removed contained by 2000, and had tubes put within my ears to assist the draining. You probably don't have audible range loss but extra fluid buildup. I used to think I have hearing loss because I also feel like my ear be stuffed. When you tubes drain properly it will sound resembling a whole strange world. Everything will be loud and you will actually be capable of truly hear your own voice. When the swelling went down I be shocked at how loud everything sounded and how my own voice sounded.
yes it will help. my granddaughter have hers removed when she was 14yrs. and she is doing great.

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